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Law Offices of Dr. Paul C. Agu, Ph.D.

Professional Law Coorporation


Legal Services

No matter what type of legal support you’re looking for, we have the resources and expertise to help. See our services below, and contact us if you have any questions or special requests.


We represent businesses and individuals in a variety of civil and commercial disputes including contracts, construction, insurance, trade secrets, employment and partnership law.


Personal Injury

If you or someone you know has been injured in any type of accident, we can help. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we will meet with you for free to evaluate your case and we do not collect a fee from you unless we win for you. 

Post Motions & Appeals

Appellate Court Lawyers Who Work Hard for The Outcome You Need Hard-fought civil, commercial or criminal litigation can often produce mixed results. Often there is no clear-cut winner or loser. 

Visa Petitions

PC Law Firm International's network of immigration lawyers can facilitate the movement of your business's executives, sales staff, and skilled workers from country to country while also ensuring your company complies with immigration-related record keeping requirements. 

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Law Offices of Dr. Paul C. Agu Ph.D.

Law firm devoted to our clients

PC Law Firm is extraordinarily successful litigation firm and has been around for three decades, with offices in the United States, Caribbean, and Nigeria. The firm is under the leadership of Chief Counsel, Paul C. Agu, JD, Ph.D. who has over 30 years of law practice. We have an extensive background in helping our clients handle their various legal matters. Our legal staff is made up of seasoned and experienced lawyers; and young, energetic and aggressive lawyers. We believe in protecting our clients legal rights and fight for their personal legitimate interests.

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